Life is a Bowl of…

December 2008

Original text from exhibition:

Life is a Bowl of….
Multi-Artist Conceptual Art Collaboration/Exhibition
December 14, 2008 – January 11, 2009

Prepare to be “bowled over!”

“Life is a Bowl of…” is a multi-artist collaborative conceptual art exhibition featuring a wide array of sculptural art created by 30 artists who were given the challenge to complete the phrase “Life is a bowl of…” using a 30m bowl and a set number of prims.

And rise to the challenge this group of immensely talented artists did!

In addition to the overarching theme, the form and function of the bowl itself as a space in which to create art informed the way each artist conceived and crafted their individual art pieces. From the silly and sublime to the intensely personal and thought provoking, “Life is a Bowl of…” is a unique, exciting and fun exhibition reflecting the imaginative works of art created by a diverse group of exceptional artists from around the world (Australia, Canada, France, Holland, Japan, Korea, Poland, UK and US).

Artists participating in the exhibition are:

Aequitas (Sowa Mai/Banrion Constantine), Artistide Despres, Blue Tsuki, Bryn Oh, Cheen Pitney, Deja Hax, Feathers Boa, Fran Benoir, Frao Ra, Glyph Graves, Jacque Keroauc, Jeb Soderstrom, Jojorunoo Runo, Kanic Huldschinsky, Luce Laval, Misprint Thursday, Nonnatus Korhonen, Olza Koenkamp, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Phaon Johim, Pete Jiminy, Pixels Sideways, Poid Mahovlich, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Soror Nishi, Spiral Walcher, Tezcatlipoca Bisiani, Trinity Halberstadt, Ub Yifu, WendyofNeverland Fussbudget and White Lebed.

“Life is a Bowl of…” is conceived and directed by Pixels Sideways and is part of the ongoing artist collaboration series at Caerleon Isle.

Caerleon Isle multi-artist collaborations include “Future Man,” “The Surrealist Dance Hall,” and “Stop Making Sense and Dream.” “Life is a Bowl of…” is Caerleon Isle’s fourth multi-artist collaboration and the third directed by Pixels Sideways.

Caerleon Isle is an academic based artist community providing studio and exhibition spaces for artists to explore the unique aspects of creating art in a virtual environment. From traditional media to advanced technological concepts such as artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, Caerleon Isle continues to nurture and encourage artists to explore, experiment, learn and share their knowledge to create in the virtual those ideas that live in their imaginations. Artists currently in residence at Caerleon Isle include Aiyas Aya, Bryn Oh, Feathers Boa, Georg Janick, Glyph Graves, Fran Benoior, luce laval, Nonnatus Korhonen, Pete Jiminy, Pixels Sideways, Trinity Halberstadt and several visiting guest artists.

New Caerleon is the academic heart of the Caerleon Islands sims and is home to an art school, A.I. and robotics lab, science fiction museum, media center and several other educational facilities, many of which feature interactive and self-directed academic studies.

A third island sim is on its way which will expand space for both resident artists and collaboration projects which will encompass A.I., robotics, automation, immersion, interaction, reaction, machinima and performance aspects of art that are unique to the virtual environment.

The Caerleon sims were founded by Georg Janick, the SL avatar of Gary Zabel who has been teaching in the Philosophy Department at the University of Massachusetts at Boston since 1989. His specialties include ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy, and philosophy of science.

** Photos / Machinima coming soon **


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