Future Man

March 2008

caerleon collab

“Future Man” was Caerleon’s first collaborative exhibition that evoloved into the form of an “exquisite corpse” surrealist style art installation.

Conceptually, the build started with a figurative representation of a human form.  From there the build became a journey of discovery as participating artists from around the world would show up at all hours within the build period and add additional content to the build.  From one moment to the next, the installation continued to change until the build period ended.

Though abstract in form, there was a cohesiveness implemented by the participating artists in maintaining the concept of “Future Man” by maintaining the humanesque form.

The project, spearheaded by Aiyas Aya, was presented as part of his thesis for his final project at University in Toronto in addition to a live symposium presented at the University (inworld lectures presented on screen at the University).  Additional information on the symposium can be found below.

Particiapting artists:

Aiyas Aya, Bryn Oh, Feathers Boa, Georg Janick, Nonnatus Korhonen, PatricaAnne Daviau and Pixels Sideways.

Guest lecturers:  Adam Ramona, Nonnatus Korhonen, Alx Beaumont, Filthy Fluno, Georg Janick, Blackthron Hare and Feathers Boa.

From Aiyas Aya’s (Chris Postill) SL related blog:

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Caerleon Isle – Toronto Conference was a great success. Other than a few technical issues we ran into during the last day of the symposium, everything went incredibly smoothly. Many thanks to all the speakers who took part and all the collaborators who helped bring this monster of a post-human to life.

I will be posting full documentation soon, and hopefully we can make this happen again in the not so distant future.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Caerleon Isle – Toronto: Virtual Art Symposium

 March 27th-29th (opening 6-9pm on Thursday)

3rd Floor, Image Arts Building
122 Bond Street
Toronto, Ontario

March 27- 6:00 pm
Opening welcome from all collaborators & speakers. Virtual collaborative artwork begins.

March 27- 7:00 pm
Nonnatus Korhonen / Andrew Burrell

(Australia, Hybrid Media Artist & Educator, http://www.miscellanea.com)

[Philosophical reflections on parallel realities]
Much of the dialogue that surrounds virtual worlds discusses them as being somehow discreet or separate from reality. Nonnatus will be arguing against this notion of a divide between the real and the unreal and looking at how the self can inhabit such spaces in a sense that is indeed very real.

March 27 – 8:00 pm
Adam Ramona / Adam Nash

(Australia, New Media Artist & Composer, http://yamanakanash.net/)

[MUVEs (multi-user virtual environments) can be viewed as ‘post-convergent mediums’]
This talk will discuss the performative, compositional and formal implications of post-convergent artistic practice.

March 28 – 1:00 pm
Alx Beaumont / Alex Bal

(Canada, Educator)

[Emerging economic models in virtual societies]
Second Life represents becoming a forum for building a community of practices. Given the introduction of artificial general intelligence to Second Life, are we witnessing the emergence of a new definition of communities? One whose practice is based on the co-existence of human and machine networks and the interplay of their experiences?

March 28 -3:00 pm
Filthy Fluno / Jeffrey Lipsky

(USA, Real World Painter/Virtual Artist, http://jeffreylipskyarts.com)

[Differences of creative expression within the physical and the virtual]
Filthy has been a practicing visual artist in what he refers to as ‘RL’ (Real Life) for years, but claims that Second Life has afforded him opportunities he would never have found prior. Filthy will discuss how virtual worlds have changed, supported and enhanced his artistic practice.

March 28 – 5:00 pm
Georg Janick / Gary Zabel

(USA, Educator & Philosopher, http://www.faculty.umb.edu/gary_zabel/)

[Exercising political ideals within virtual worlds]
This talk will discuss the motivation behind being patron to the Caerleon Isle project, a non-capitalist art utopia in the virtual world of Second Life. Georg will discuss how he has manifested his political philosophies in the virtual world and the implications of doing so.

March 29 – 1:00 pm
Blackthorn Hare

(USA, Recent Master’s Graduate & Artist)

[Aesthetic qualities of shared virtual worlds and their implications for artists]
Blackthorn has just received his Masters for a body of work created within Second Life. He will be speaking about SL as a medium, its formal qualities and how it pushes art production along particular axes.

March 29 -3:00 pm
Feathers Boa

(USA, Student & Artist)

[Techniques, philosophies and sensibilities of a virtual artist]
Feathers will discuss her experiences creating art natively in Second Life while having no ‘real world’ exhibition experience. She will give an overview of her body of work and discuss the positive response from her online audience.

March 29- 5:00 pm
Collaborative building of virtual artwork ends. Celebration of symposium.



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