We currently have two exhibtions on Caerleon Isle as we await the fate of the sim.


Constellationsis a journey through time and space.  Vistors land in the Imaginarium and are introduced to Caerleon Isle.  On the first floor, 3D art by Sextan Sheperd is on display and an office vignette offers a few interactive treats.  Through  the doors, vistiors will find the Tour Guide Boat launching area — with instructions on how to best view the tour.

As one visitor described the experience, “It’s like being inside and moving through a film.”

Streaming media plays an important part so be sure to read the instructions on how to set up your streaming media, sky settings, etc.



The sim wide platform  features artwork from several exhibitions held on Caerleon Isle and the other Caerleon sims over the past four years.  Be sure to explore these works and touch things — many are interactive and loads of fun.



Welcome to the Caerleon Isle Collaboration & Exhibition blog

Hello and Welcome

I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t create something on the net to document the spectacular artworks created by the wonderfully diverse and incredibly talented artists who have been participating in the Caerleon Isle collaborations and exhibitions since the first one launched in March 2008.

Hopefully, sooner than later, most of the content from the Caerleon Isle collaborations & exhibitions will be compiled here,  along with information about the artists and links to their blogs/websites.

To all who have participated in and supported Caerleon Isle’s collaborations & exhibitions, thank you for the generous gift of your time and creative energy.

— Pixels Sideways